Security Trustee and allied services

We have extensive experience in acting as a wholly independent Security Trustee and provide a tailored approach specific to the requirements of individual clients. We can offer an extended range of other services to provide an outsourced “one-stop shop” in respect of Bond and similar financial instruments. That may include investor on-boarding and all necessary due diligence, anti money laundering and know your client fidelity checks and/or maintenance of Bondholder registers and payment of interest cycles.

Our client portfolio includes international companies in the UK, Europe, Asia and the United States and range from high net worth individuals to large corporates, private equity firms, finance houses and real estate firms.

Through our experience we have become specialists in the provision of Security Trustee services.

We provide this service through Castle Trust and Management Services Limited which is licensed and regulated as a professional trustee by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission under license number FSC0229B.

Please log onto the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission website for more details on our licence: Castle Trust & Management Services Limited

As Security Trustee we will act in the best interests of investors. We currently provide this service in a variety of complex situations where we are entrusted to hold cash, securities, property and other assets as security, often in exchange for the issue of loan notes or bonds. We are independent of any law, accounting or other financial services-based business. Whilst we do not provide legal, taxation or investment advice we work in close liaison with selected international law and accounting firms ranging from local boutique specialists to the largest internationally branded firms to form part of an overall service based value added provider.

By placing such assets under our sole control, such assets are completely segregated from all other business agreements. We often take a legal charge over such assets ensuring that client funds are secure and protected. Such legal charges are registered and we ensure that such registration is perfected at the outset.

The services of the Security Trustee are governed by the terms and conditions of the Security Trust Deed and which will specify our powers, duties and responsibilities as Security Trustee on behalf of investors whilst in control of the security assets. This ties in with other documentation such as a company Debenture and legal charge instruments.

In our experience, we have found that having an independent third party as Security Trustee provides great comfort to investors. The role of the Security Trustee is solely for the protection of investor interests.

Bonds/Loan Notes

Often, as part of our engagement we are asked to assist with raising finance via the issue of the relevant financial product such as loan or bond notes.

As part of this service we will onboard clients, ensuring that the correct procedures and the highest standards of AML legislation are maintained. We will collate investor due diligence documentation and upon provision of satisfactory documentation will approve investor take on.

Once an investor is approved, he will be entered in a Register which we will monitor and maintain. We will issue Bond Notes/Certificates, we will file the relevant statutory and regulatory returns and where appropriate we will provide redemption statements.

We will maintain a loan note proceeds account and interest accrual accounts.

In addition, we have access to primary and secondary markets where such financial instruments can be listed to raise public finance.

This service is conducted through Castle Fund Administrators Limited which is licensed and regulated to provide collective investment scheme administration by the Gibraltar Financial Services under license number FSC0955CIS.

Please see: Castle Fund Administrators Limited

Finally, as part of our ongoing procedures we will periodically review the investor database to determine reportable individuals in compliance with CRS and FATCA legislation.

Bonds/Loan Notes

  • Acquisition and Target Financing
  • Assistance and advice with Product Design
  • Carbon Credits and related Instruments
  • Convertible & Equity Linked Bonds
  • Credit Union administration and Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSO) support
  • Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) Programs
  • Escrow agent and Escrow account operator
  • Fund Administration (including set up of Private Funds)
  • High Yield and Emerging Market Bonds
  • Infrastructure Finance
  • Loan Participation Notes
  • Mortgage Debenture Stock
  • Private Placements
  • Preparation of Bond documentation to listing standard
  • Property (Both Residential and Commercial) Purchases & Sales
  • Repackage Programs
  • Retail Bonds
  • Secured and Unsecured Notes
  • Securitisation and Structure Financing
  • Stock exchange listing of Bonds
  • Trusts to include specialist Asset Protection Trusts set up under Bankruptcy legislation

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