Company Incorporation, Administration and Management

We represent a varied range of clients including quoted companies, wealthy individuals and pension funds. Our main emphasis is to ensure Companies under management comply with standard financial and legal practice and maintains a best standard of corporate governance, including excellent maintenance of corporate records.

Gibraltar Companies

Gibraltar companies are user friendly, flexible vehicles with many advantages. They can be incorporated with any type of share capital, in any currency and can accommodate different classes of shares affording different rights. We have experience in participating in all forms of commercial transactions, including purchase and sales, mergers, redemptions and buy-backs (from capital and from profits).

Companies can be incorporated on a ‘same day’ basis the documentation and processes required are akin to those used in most Common Law jurisdictions.

As a low-tax, EU jurisdiction, Gibraltar is ideal for attracting structuring of all types. With a 10% corporation tax rate, no stamp duty, capital gains, or withholding taxes, the Gibraltar Company is an excellent vehicle for the holding of personal and commercial assets alike.

We have experience in setting up all types of corporate vehicles, including private companies, companies limited by shares, companies limited by guarantee, unlimited companies, limited partnerships, public companies and protected cell companies.

Other Jurisdictions

Also we are able to offer the establishment and management of companies in other jurisdictions, including most EU countries, Channel Islands and the Far East.

We enjoy close relationships with the most reputable and respected of agents who ensure that our clients enjoy the level of service they deserve and obtain from us.

Our Services

  • Incorporation of Gibraltar companies - these can either be incorporated with a name of your choice (subject to availability) or alternatively, taken from our shelf list of companies which is available for immediate use.
  • Establishment of companies internationally
  • Transfer-in services - efficient transfer-in services for the purpose of accepting existing companies wishing to transfer to our management.
  • Re-domiciliation services - pre-arranged agreements with all the main jurisdictions for the purposes of re-domiciling a company from one jurisdiction to another.
  • Professional corporate director services - provided by our licensed corporate director company.
  • Company secretary - company secretarial services.
  • Registered address
  • Nominee shareholder services
  • Assistance in the opening and ongoing management of a bank account
  • Ship and Yacht Registration in Gibraltar.
  • Aircraft registration.
  • Accounting Services.
  • Payroll Services.
  • Strike off.

Contact Us

For a personal consultation or more information about our company incorporation, administration and management services, please contact us.

We urge all our clients to obtain independent legal and/or tax advice where applicable before incorporating a Company and can assist and recommend a regulated professional who can provide the advice.

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