International Tax Planning - Corporate Tax Planning

Most individuals and businesses deal internationally. This can take the form of selling into another jurisdiction or offering services abroad. Even small businesses can have many overseas connections. At the Shareholder level, ownership of equity in overseas companies can often provide an advantage. Individuals may have possessions abroad such as a holiday home or boat. Once trips abroad increase, opportunities exist to mitigate taxation in a large number of tried and tested ways. More specialist bespoke planning is also available.

Business Planning

In many cases companies will either buy or sell goods and services in a number of different locations. Finance provided by a third party from another low or no tax location will provide an opportunity to charge for the provision of finance at market rates. Such rates may be higher than prevailing commercial rates available from banks, due to stringent terms and conditions applying to bank third party lending. Additionally, the provision of goods and the mark up made can be fairly apportioned between different jurisdictions. Whilst care is needed to ensure transfer pricing principles are not corrupted, considerable opportunity exists for profits to be generated in lower tax areas.

Ownership of intellectual property, branding and other valuable assets can be charged from lower tax areas into higher tax areas. Ownership of such income generating assets are usually ideally medium to long term investments for private pension schemes. A subsequent sale can often be capital gains tax-free.

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